This section will be expanded further soon, for now this is just a bit on combat roleplay.

Combat Role-playing a guide for newcomers

For those of you who have never done this before all this might be a bit overwhelming, this is understandable but it is actually quite easy once you get into it! All you have to keep in mind is that while you are playing your character all the things that happen to you are 'real' and you need to react to them as such.

Here are some of the things you must remember When you get into a threatening situation think about your character would do, don't just automatically pull out your sword, as this is the easiest way to get your character killed. If you can talk your way out, try as this makes for good role-playing! If you have no choice but to fight then don't forget that you are not supposed to be holding a piece of latex covered foam. What you are holding is a metal sword and this must be role-played.

One of the biggest problems with combat is players 'drum rolling' their blows which means a series of very small light taps with the sword blade. Never do this as the art of fighting with a sword means that this would be very difficult to achieve and you will find that players and monsters will ignore most of such hits. By all means make the sword look as though it is heavy this makes for good role-playing and remember to pull your blows.

"Pulling your blows" is the way in which you can look as though you will hit someone hard whilst at the same time the actual blow hardly touches the intended victim. To do this, aim the blow so it will land about 2 or 3 inches away from the location you are aiming for. As it approaches this location slow the blade, in this way when the blow lands it will have lost all it's power and won't hurt at all!

Another situation that can cause bad role-playing is moving in armour. This is only a real problem with some character types and with plate or chain mail. There are a lot of accepted phys reps for plate and mail these days, you don't have to go out and spend a fortune on the real thing! Unfortunately the phys reps don't phys rep the weight of said pieces of armour. Chain and plate are incredibly heavy and simply bounding around in them like you are wearing nothing isn't possible. It is easy to forget, especially when you are in a combat situation, but if you can remember then please do as it will save a lot of sour grapes and mutters of 'bad role-playing'.

Other than this enjoy and before you know it these will become second nature. Have fun!

This advice was written by Vikki - She plays Twiggy the queen of the 'Wose.

Bows and Arrows - Get my point!

All missile weapons have one thing in common, when the missile has left the person firing it no one is controlling it. It follows then to make sure it's flight will be as safe as possible.

Two targets are a no no! Face and genitals. Even though role play arrows and bolts are constructed with safety in mind a missile weapon hitting either of these areas can cause considerable pain. I have, for example, on two occasions seen an archer let an arrow go too low when an enemy are close and charging. When it hit the opponent it was going full belt and literally stopped them in their tracks! Good role play that rolling around on the ground holding himself and, between groans, muttering about what he will do to the ********* who fired the thing!

Retreating to a safe distance for an archer is a two way thing, safe for them and safe for the player playing their opponent!

When you are hit by an arrow, crossbow bolt, whatever do not just stand there or wander on as though nothing has happened. Take some knockback, fall down maybe or at least partially spin around. If you can grab the arrow, do so and hold it in place so a healer can pole play removing it. Oh! Yes! Remember it hurts!

This bit was added by Dave. He would like someone to write it up better!